Recently, 1st grade students from H.D. Cooke Elementary School in D.C. wrote letters to the teen authors of Drip, Drip: The Story of the Angry Sherbet, a product of our collaboration with  Reach Incorporated. The book is about a frozen dessert that melts when he gets upset.

HD Cooke kids writing drawing.JPG

Librarian and media specialist Khulud Khudur sat down with students to discuss the book, chosen by the students for the snacks on the cover. But students connected with more than just the sweet treats. Because the authors are young and live in D.C., just like them, the 1st graders were especially inspired by the book.

Khulud added: “I want them to connect to the books and make the connection between reading and writing. Writing to the authors gave them that connection.” In a student-led exercise, students had the opportunity to write to the authors and ask any question they wanted about the book. Some students drew pictures and colored, while others wrote heartfelt messages to the writers.

HD Cooke kids writing drawing 4.JPG

Students also connected with the story. While reading the book as a group, students reflected on anger management. “The book taught them that there is no perfect way to manage their own anger,” said Khulud. She mentioned this was an especially important lesson for students with “extra energy.”

Overall, Khulud says, “The students were passionate and engaged with the book. They were empowered to believe, ‘Hey, I can write as well.’”


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